Short Greeting 3

احوالپرسی کوتاه 3

آرش: سَلام. من آرش هستم. اسم تو چیست؟
احمد: سَلام. من احمد هستم

آرش: خوشوَقتم
احمد: من هم همین طور

آرش: تو پسر آقای دیبا هستی؟
احمد: بله. آقای دیبا پدر من هست. تو او را می شناسی؟

آرش: بله. آقای دیبا معلم من بود.
احمد: جالبه

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Conversation 3

Ārash: salām. man Āraš hastam. esme to čist?
Ahmd: salām. man Ahmad hastam.

Ārash: xošvaqtam
Ahmd: man ham hamintor

Ārash: to pesare āqāye Dibā hasti?
Ahmd: bale. āqāye Dibā pedare man hast. to u ra mišnāsi?

Ārash: bale. āqāye Dibā mo’alleme man bud.
Ahmd: jālebe.

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  1. syeda says:

    translations would be very helpful next to the farsi

  2. mim says:

    That is a very good idea. However, as some posts have been designed to challenge the learner’s ability and to strengthen their learning abilities, the translation have not been provided. Nevertheless, I will develop the posts and will put their English translation.

  3. Maharet says:

    a way for beginners to navigate the site would be great as well.

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