“E” Link

We use “e-link” to link a noun (or a noun phrase) to the following word(s).
The use of e-sound after a noun often signals to the listener that he/she is about to be given further information about the noun.
This information may indicate ownership, origin, description, name, and so on.

The use of e-link is usually very similar to “of” in English:
Bank of England → /bānk-e Englis/ بانکِ انگلیس
Colour of sky → /rang-e āsemān/ رنگِ آسمان

If the word immediately before the e-link is a vowel, we use -ye instead of e for ease of pronunciation.

غذای ِ من
/qazāye man/
my food



کتاب من Listen /ketābe man/ my book
خودکار من Listen /xodkāre man/ my pen


فرش ایرانی Listen /farš-e Irani/ Persian rug
ساعت سوییسی Listen /sa’at-e Swissi/ Swiss watch


گل قرمز Listen /gol-e qermez/ red flower
هواپیمای بزرگ Listen /havāpeymā-ye bozorg/ big aeroplane


فیلم تایتانیک Listen /film-e Titanic/ Titanic movie
ماشین هوندا Listen /māšin-e Honda/ Honda car
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