Jobs in Persian

واژه تلفظ معنی
پزشک / دکتر Listen /pezešk/ doctor
مهندس Listen /mohandes/ engineer
وکیل Listen /vakil/ lawyer
معلم Listen /mo’allem/ teacher
مشاور Listen /mošāver/ consultant
روزنامه نگار Listen /ruznāme negār/ journalist
خبرنگار Listen /xabar negār/ reporter
عکاس Listen /akkās/ photographer
نویسنده Listen /nevisande/ writer
بازیگر Listen /bāzigar/ actor/actress
آرایشگر Listen /ārāyešgar/ barber
مدیر Listen /modir/ manager
راننده اتوبوس Listen /rānande otubus/ bus driver
راننده تاکسی Listen /rānande tāksi/ cab driver
آشپز Listen /āšpaz/ chef
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4 Responses to“Jobs in Persian”

  1. Pali says:


    Excuse me, i am very beginner.

    I love farsi language. I ask every method, what help me to learning.
    At above, there are some different words in farsi.
    Padar, dohtar

  2. mim says:

    @ Pali
    Thank you very much for your comment. You are absolutely right and some sound files did not match the words. I edited them. Once I have more free time, I will put the audio for remaining words.

  3. yasmin says:

    what does googoori mean…is this persian word?

  4. mim says:

    @ yasmin:
    Yeah, it is a Persian word but it is used in colloquial Persian.Its meaning depends on the context. For instance, a mother might call her little child: “salām guguri. [Hi, honey]” or “to gugurie mani [You are my sweetheart.]”.
    I hope this explanation has shed some light.

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