Adjectives in Persian

Word order for adjective-noun phrases in Persian is different from English.
In English adjective comes first, followed by noun, i.e.:
Adjective + Noun
beautiful + day
Whereas, in Persian noun comes first followed by e-link and adjective:
Noun + e-link + Adjective
/ruz/ + /e/ + /zibā/
روز زیبا


اتاق بزرگ Listen /otāq-e bozorg/ big room
دوست خوب Listen /dust-e xub/ good friend
پزشک مهربان Listen /pezešk-e mehrabān/ kind doctor
نوزاد خوشگل Listen /nozād-e xošgel/ cute baby
انتخابات محلی Listen /entexābāt-e mahalli/ local election
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