Subjunctive mood in Action-1

Broadly speaking, the subjunctive form [be-/bo-] is used:

1- If there are more than one verb in a sentence (no matter past or present) the following verbs will be in subjunctive form.

2. in the case of uncertainty (i.e. after shāyad (maybe), agar (if), bāyad (must) and so on.

1- More than one verb

In other words, when you have to use infinitive form (“to VERB”) or ing form (“VERBing) for the following verbs in English, you have to use subjunctive form (“be-“) of verb in Persian.

می خواهم سیبی بخورم.

Present: “Mixāham sibi boxoram”
(I want to eat an apple)

می خواستم سیبی بخورم.

Past: “Mixāstam sibi boxoram”
(I wanted to eat an apple)

In the past tense, you can also use”Xāstam” instead of “Mixāstam” for “I wanted”

Note: xāstam and mixāstam are two different tenses. xāstam means “I wanted” mixāstam means “I used to want”.


I like/love VERBing
من دوست دارم زبان یاد بگیرم.
“man dust dāram Farsi yād begirem” (“I love learning Farsi”)

I tried to VERB
من تلاش کردم حقیقت را به او بگویم.
/man talāš kardam haqiqat rā be u beguyam/
I tried to tell him/her the truth.

I hate VERBing
من بدم می آید جمعه ها کار بکنم.
/man dadam miāyad Jom’ehā kār bekonam./
I hate working on Fridays.

I started/finished VERBing
من پارسال شروع کردم زبان فارسی را یاد بگیرم.
/man pārsāl šoru kardam zabān-e Farsi rā yād begiram/
I started learning Persian language last year.

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