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Lesson 1- Introduction

Lesson 1 – 10/02/2009

Some facts about Persian:

– Modern Persian uses the Arabic Alphabet. Although some sounds do not exist in Arabic. They are:

پ /p/
چ /c/
گ /g/
ژ /ĝ/

– There are 4 sounds in Persian which are represented by different letters. However, all of them are pronounced exactly the same:

t ت ط
s ث س ص
h ح ه
z ذ ز ض ظ
q غ ق

– Unlike English, Persian is written and read from right to left

– You already know hundreds of words in Persian:
soup , team , jet, computer, bad
Some words have been slightly modified to fit into Persian sound system:
captain, lamp, sandwich, class, radio

– In terms of relations between what you see and what you pronounce, Persian is much more consistent than English. Most sounds are represented by only one letter.

– The use of -suffix and -prefix is quite similar to English

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