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How to ask a question in Persian-1

Yes/No Questions

In Yes/No questions the answer is either yes or no. For instance, “Did you see Tom?” is a Yes/No question in English.

To make a Yes/No question in English we need an auxiliary verb (e.g. do, did, have, etc.) which normally comes in the beginning of the sentence.

Did you see Tom?

In Persian we do not need to change the structure of the statement in order to make a question. All we need to do is put the word “āyā” in the beginning of the sentence.

Statament: man be madrese raftam. (I went to school.)
Question: āyā to be madrese rafti? (Did you go to school?)

Statament: Ali ruznāme xarid. (Ali bought a newspaper.)
Question: āyā Ali ruznāme xarid? (Did Ali buy a newspaper?)

Statament: Sara dar London zendegi mikonad. (Sara lives in London.)
Question: āyā Sara dar London zendegi mikonad? (Does Sara live in London?)

More examples:

Question: āyā (to) xodkār-e man rā didi? (Did you see my pen?)
Na, man xodkār-e to rā nadidam. (No, I didn’t see your pen)

Question: āyā (to) Tom Cruise rā mishenāsi? (Do you know Tom Cruise?)
bale, man Tom Cruise rā mishenāsam (Yes, I know Tom Cruise)

Question: āyā (to) dišab mosābeqe-ye football ra didi? (Did you watch the match last noght?)
Na, ān ra nadidam. āyā mosābeqe-ye xubi bud? (No, was that a good game?)
āre, āli bud. Perspolis 2-0 bord. (Yes, that was great. Perspolis won 2-0)

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