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Vowels in Persian

As you might have realised the letters introduced in the Persian Alphabet post, mainly stand for the consonants apart from three vowels represented by letters (ا – و – ی )
In Persian vowels are two types:

Long Vowels

Represented by LETTERS

آ ا /ā/ [as in father]

ی /i/ [as in fit]

و /u/ [as in pull]

Short Vowels

Represented by SPECIAL SYMBOLS written above or below the letters


They are pronounced as (from right to left):

/a/ above letter [as in hat] short form of آ

/e/ under letter [as in red] short form of ای

/o/ abov letter [as in dome] short form of او

Note: These symbols may be used only in reference books or dictionaries and in an ordinary text (e.g. newspapers, the internet) you will not see them. The reader has to recogise and pronounce them from their background knowledge.

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